About Us

Corbin Custom Remodelers was founded in 1993 with the belief

that the two key ingredients to success in the construction industry are

honesty and quality product.  Through this refreshing approach, Corbin

Custom Remodelers has become Northern Kentucky's premier

remodeling contractor.

Corbin Custom Remodelers believe that their company continues to

prosper in the industry due to their attention to detail and commitment

to total customer satisfaction

Corbin Custom Remodelers employs full-time craftsmen who share in

the philosophy, that every project demands the utmost quality and


Their 8000 square foot permanent office/warehouse facility, located on

Richardson Road, houses the technical support and equipment required

to meet the needs of every project.  At Corbin Custom Remodelers, they

pride themselves in the ability to design and build.

They always stay abreast of the latest trends in design and technology.

Call Corbin Custom Remodelers today at (859) 525-0756 and discover what it is like to do business with a remodeler

that cares about your home.

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